Monday, September 12, 2011

the power of a business card

I am not a writer, I cannot tell a story very well, my sentence structure is bad, my grammar even worse, but my spelling is not too bad.  However the horrific and tragic events of 9/11, that are still felt to this day a most unusual and surprising little tidbit came out of one of the survivor’s stories.  It was over a business card given during the time that the last thing on your mind would be to give your business card when you should be thinking about is saving your life and others.
I was watching Global News National Edition last night during supper and they were showing a piece on two of the survivors that should not have survived.  These two were only two of four who survived that were above the impact zone of Tower 1.  One of these men were Canadian and the other American.  I am not going to get into details of their survival, that story is too long to share here and now, but they got out!  There story is special, they became blood brothers, got down the stairs and made it out in just the nick of time.
Not only was this a miracle in and of itself but strangely the one survivor gave the other one his business card as they went down the stairs.  Now why, in that time of stress would he even think of doing that or even to have one on him at that time?  I don’t know but this is where mystery reasons that no one can answer is revealed.  You see, when these two made it out of the building, with all of the dust, dirt, derbies and confusion they ended up getting separated.  Now remember, they became blood brothers and committed to stay in each others lives after that, but that seemed near impossible now.
That is, of course, when the Canadian survivor remembered, that he had been given that business card.  That is how they managed to find each other AFTER this awful, awful day.  They reconnected after the confusion, to continue being blood brothers and remain close friends after all of this time.
So whatever you do, whether it is for business, or connecting with people you don’t know, DO NOT ever doubt, question, or ever worry about the impactable power of the business card.  You don’t know who’s life you might touch!
Here is the link of the story I am talking about.  PLEASE NOTE:  The embed link that Global National gave me was for their whole episode NOT the part 3 like I thought.  Please FAST FORWARD to 17:22 to get to the clip.  If this is still taking to long to load then please let me know then I will change it to just include the link.  Thank You!

This also inspired me to redo my business card.  Take a look!
business card-001 [640x480]
I just wanted to say, on a personal note, that I will never forget the horror of that day, it has impacted my life as if I too lost a loved one that day.  Along with the loss of my personal loved ones, I will always make sure that my children will, never, ever forget.  I want them to understand just how this impacted all of our lives and how, sadly, it still does as those that are still dying today, from the after effects from that day.
To all of those who died, survived, and still suffering, my family and I will always have you in our thoughts and prayers.  God Bless to you all!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this story. Your writing and grammar skills may not be what you'd like them to be, but your thoughts and sentiments were perfectly expressed!

Sewczak said...

What a great story...and so true! thank you for sharing! Smiles!!! Heather


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