Monday, August 29, 2011

3 sleeps and counting…

Wow can you believe it, only 3 sleeps left until my daughters are back in school AND until my roll out of new services.  I also will be announcing the new blog posting schedule that will include 1) a new post called “Featured Stamper of the Week” showcasing their talent and skills 2) weekly Video release, 3) Weekly challenge, 4) Sharing the Sudsol Scrapbook Challenge with you and also I am thinking of doing a ‘blog finds’ day as well.

If you want to participate in the ‘Featured Stamper of the Week’ or be considered for the ‘blog finds’ day please contact me at  I am really excited about all of these changes, I hope you are too.

Stay tuned!!Open-mouthed smile

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Count down has started on my new launch!

That’s right, the final countdown has started for my new roll out of services that I will be offering to you.
As you might have already noticed, I have started with a new blog banner with my new name,The Scrappin’ Mama Studios’ though my web address and email address will still stay the same.
Starting September 1st ,every day I will be posting a new and exciting services, that I hope will make life a little easier for you, saving you time and money.  I know I can certainly appreciate that!!!
Be sure to sign up for my newsletter as there will be extra surprises there during my roll out.  So I am off to finish organizing that and have an awesome day!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

De-Stress with the distressing kit from Stampin’ Up!

I am super stoked about this little project that I did!  My neighbour just happened to have a box similar to the one in the new Idea Book and Catalogue for 2011-2012 which is on page 175.  For some reason I cannot get a photo of the project on here but if you download the PDF version go to that page and you will see it.  Here is the link so you can see it.
So what I did is I took a piece of cardstock of the new ‘In Color’ in Pool Party and took it to the big box store and had it color matched.  brought it home and painted my box with it.  I got the paint that already had the primer in (which I love to use) and then I let it cure overnight.
Now I realize I will need a new sanding block but I used the one in our distressing kit and sanded around the edges and in other spots so it would have a distressed look.  In our kit we have several different ink spots specific for this purpose and I used the mahogany spot.  I rubbed it everywhere on the box.  Here is a important trick to it though—make sure that you have a wet rag to wipe off the access; then let it dry and put everything back together.  I was done after that and I loooooooooooooove how it turned out.  I hope you do too!!!!
Now I just need to add some things into it but I like it so much, I don’t know where to put it in my house.  My craft room is in the basement and therefore won’t be seen, so if I were to put my tools and stuff in there where could I put it in my living room without my husband feeling my crafting stuff is creeping back up here.
Leave me a comment with your suggestions, I would GREATLY appreciate it!
Talk to you again soonBe right back

Monday, August 15, 2011

made with love from the hands of babes

Well yesterday was my 12th wedding anniversary and by the grace of God my friend was kind enough to take my two daughters for an overnighter so my husband and I could have some time alone.  How sweet is that?  Glorious if you ask me but what made this weekend super special was that this year my daughters wanted to do something extra special.  Want to know what that was, well see for yourself:
I apologize about the picture quality but because they were sleeping over at my friends they decided to make this cake for us on Saturday.  I can’t believe how grown up my daughters are becoming.  Every day when I see my eldest Paige, I see a mature difference, that she looks so grown up.  My youngest Alyssa, though whiny lol, well let’s just say talking with her is like talking with another adult.  She understand concepts, vocabulary like a grown up and she will be 8 in October.  Paige will be 11 in September and I am just amazed how the time flies with my children.  I am also very proud of them for thinking of doing something special for my husband and I and very proud of how well they behave during Church and know when and how they use their manners.  Maybe I might have done some right for a change.  Okay well I could gab about them all night long, but another busy week ahead for me and my family this week, so I will try to blog as often as possible.
Thank you for visiting my site and listening to what I have to say.  God Bless!  Sarcastic smile

Friday, August 12, 2011

The stressed stamper

Well I must admit I am a little stressed as of late and hence I haven’t blogged.  I would have shown you a scrapbook page with a family photo of last weekend but I want to do a hard copy version of it instead.  Guess I better get to the big box store to do that, however here is the picture I will be printing.  Take a look:

IMG_6165 [640x480]

We attended a wedding that Saturday afternoon representing the Church we attend.  The minister was getting married and it was a beautiful wedding.

Can you believe it, we are about half way through the month of August and I am counting down the days until school starts up again.  I love my kids but when they start getting on each other’s nerves—there goes mine!  LOL.  But that means the Summer Mini will be coming to an end so click on the catty and order those things you want.  On Monday I will be sharing with you some of my favourites from the Summer Mini.

And if you are in a really generous mood, why don’t you support a cause with this promotion.

Just contact me to let me know.  Alright, I better start paying to the kids.  TTYLAngel

Friday, August 5, 2011

In memory of….

Well today is the 2nd anniversary of my father’s death.  Here I go again in the doom and gloom.  Nah, not really, I am very proud of it as it represents a lot of things he liked.  Grab a look:
What I did here is grabbed some driftwood from British Columbia, some shells, SU Cherry Cobbler Bakers Twine, and again my wonderful ‘My Digital Studio’ to do this project.  We don’t have a head stone yet so this will have to do.
There is a lot of sentimentality in this project.  My father loved BC, the beach, the CBC TV show ‘The Beachcombers’, boats and flying was his passion.  My daughters saw the plane pin at the Salvation Army and asked me if I wanted it for this memorial.  Of course, I said, “Yes!”
Well I hope you have a great weekend and thanks for letting me share my life with you!Winking smile

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The psychosis of a stressed scrapper!

Well I just thought I would share with you some of the scrapbook pages that I have done of my summer so far.  But I have to tell you it has been one he—of a summer.  Drama, drama, drama, drama.  Lord love a duck, just when you think you get one crisis dealt with in a day, then comes another one, and another, and another.  Sometimes a dozen in a day, so how in the world are you suppose to find time to scrapbook anything?
Yes I do admit I took the lazy way out.  I grabbed my digital photos and just simply used my favourite scrapbook program.  In case it wasn’t obvious:  it is the My Digital Studio from Stampin’ Up!  Gee now isn’t that a shock to the system, ha ha ha ha.  I could spend all night exalting all the virtues of how easy and fun it is to use the program but I am now in the business of sharing my life with you instead of trying to sell you on anything.
I must admit I do miss the hard copy scrapbooking, I just really haven’t found the time to do that.  Trying to deal with all the drama around here takes up the majority of my time, not to mention the housework and just dealing with daily lives.  I give kudos to those who hold a job and still manage everything else in their lives.
So this particular friend of mine called ‘depression’ has reared it’s ugly little head and has stubbornly not left my side with all of the drama this summer.  So then one would ask, “what in the world would inspire you to scrapbook and/or find the time to do so?”
Two things, well actually three to be precise, and this is this 1)  Old car dies and by the grace of God, we get a brand new 2011 right off the lot (that’s a first for me in my lifetime).  2)  Take a trip in the new said car to Nanaimo, British Columbia with family to share a week with my wonderful Mother-in-law.  Here are the scrapbook pages I did with those photos—followed by #3--
high tea again-001 [640x480]
high tea2-001 [640x480]
high tea2-002 [640x480]
On the beach-001 [640x480]
To 3)  One very spontaneous trip to Calgary this weekend with two kids.  We planned to leave on Saturday, but my husband finished work earlier than expected on Friday so we left that night instead.  Here we come, Calaway Park, Pottery Barn, friends and finally the zoo.  This is the page I came up with:
Calgary 2011-001 [640x480]
So tomorrow I have a house to get ready, a memorial to put together for my father (it will be 2yrs since he passed on Friday) and anything else I need to do before my Mom comes on Friday for the weekend.  All I know is that every day is a struggle and if you can find tidbits of time to remember the good stuff—all the more power to YOU!!!
That is the psychosis of this scrapper!!  Talk to you soon  Smile

Monday, August 1, 2011

I Hope your summer is going well?!

This is just a quick note to say hi and I think about all of you often!  With all of the drama going on this year I had let you know that I had to make some changes in my life and one of them was my partnership with Stampin’ Up!  I had stated it had nothing to do with the company it was issues in my life.  Things have not really changed in that department but I have been thinking about the ways my business was going and what changes, if any, I were going to make. 

I am excited to share that I have made some decisions in that department and will be making that announcement in the next few weeks.  All I will say is that it will be a more service orientated business, especially for those of you who don’t have a lot of time.  So please hang in there, I will be making updates to my blog and sharing with you those new services to you.  I will talk to you soon!!


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