Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Phototip Tuesday

If you look at the photos you've taken over the years, you'll probably begin to notice some similarities in the way they're composed, as well as the point-of-view you're shooting from. Taken one-at-a-time, these similarities don't matter much.  When you're looking at lots of photos at once, though.  Say, for example, in a scrapbook, these similarities take away some of the excitment the book should generate.
Here are two tips you can employ right away to raise the level of your photography and make each photo stand out:
image from photos-f.ak.fbcdn.net1. Foreground/Background Composition - I don't care how interesting a photo is.  You can always make it more interesting by placing something in the foreground.  This creates a greater depth in the photo and provides more eye candy for the viewer.John at Sesame 2

2. Perspective - If every one of your shots are taken straight-on, the 'wow' factor you gain when changing the perspective will amaze you.  Get down on the floor and shoot up.  Get up on a ladder and shoot down.  The possibilities are endless, but the effect will always be powerful.

Information courtesy of John Sanpietro Certified Business Coach

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